Thursday, 22 February 2018

Math Electives

This week's maths work was to figure out an equation on electives for a school, to do it we needed to use fractions and decimals. After I finished the equation I then just added in the answers on the sides and the working out underneath the problem, during the time that I was working it out I was confused at one point until I realised that because I'd thought that there were only 24 students I done the problem wrong. I then quickly just re-read the first part of it and realised my mistake, after that I then proceeded to finish the problem.

Panmure Bridge School Whakatauki

 At Panmure Bridge School we are learning about whakatauki, our Panmure Bridge School whakatauki is manaaki whenua, manaaki tangata, haere whakamua. It means care for the land, care for the people, go forward. This means care for the land of our school, care and respect the learners around you, and be confident in yourself to strive for excellence. On my DLO it talks about our whakatauki, and our school values which are C.A.R.E. 

Softball reflection

Yesterday group A started kiwi sports, and the kiwi sport is softball. The first thing we did was warming up we did star jumps, and we had to run to a tree. Once we finished warming up we learnt how to catch and how to throw, and then we learnt how to catch a ground ball, and also a sky ball.
I would like to think Allison for teaching us and I can't wait until out next section.   

Treaty of Waitangi

For reading this week we read the second novel in the five part series about the treaty of Waitangi, this book was about the week before the treaty was going to be signed. To do the activity we first had to get into a group and in those groups everyone read the book, after we'd read the book our next task was to write down important words related to the story. Once that was done the task after that was to create a DLO for the summary that we'd done.

First lesson in Graphics

This week Friday was our first day of tech, our teacher was Miss Ferguson. We had to create our own avatar and then create a DLO and put our favorite thing on it.

How is Chinese New Year Celebrated?

How is Chinese New Year Celebrated?

KUNG HEI FAT CHOI! ( Happy New Year) Did you know that Chinese New Year is a very important time of the year, because that’s when everyone comes together. They come together to eat traditional food with their families. Have you ever wondered why Chinese people Celebrate Chinese New Year?

Chinese people believe that there was a legend about a monster called Nian. The monster Nian only comes out in the darkest night of the full moon and when the full moon is in a disguise. Nian would sneak into the village and scare the people and the animals.

But one day there was a man, that taught them Nians weakness. Nians weakness was loud noises, Fire and the color Red. One day Nian came back and when he got there he was frightened, because the people we're wearing red clothes head to toe and drumming the dram loudly, and they lit up all the firecracker they had.

Instead of wrapped gifts that they give on Christmas, kids get red envelopes stuffed with lucky money in it from, grandparents, parents and many more. The happy fact is that kids are allowed to spend their money as much as they want.

Other countries might not have Chinese New Years as a public holiday, but they still celebrate on roads and in the cities.

Kiwi can

Today for Kiwi can we had different Kiwi can teachers and they are Mr Matt, Miss Lily and Mr Latu, We talked about positive relationship and rule's. The activity we did was the Mile game. I would like to thank Mr Matt, Miss Lily and Mr Latu.