Friday, 7 July 2017

Winter Learning Journey

Today is the start of the winter learning journey. The first activity is to find three facts about New Zealand from a website Link to the website.
1. Most of New Zealanders live in the North Island.
2. Did you know visitors come to New Zealand because there are so many outdoor activities.
3. Rugby is the most popular sport in New Zealand.
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  1. Welcome to the Winter Learning Journey blogging programme, San Kyaw. It is fabulous to have you blogging with us this holiday!

    I really like that you have clearly followed the instructions for the activity and posted three facts about New Zealand (NZ) that are interesting and written in your own words. Well done.

    I find the third fact particularly interesting as I spent last night watching the All Blacks rugby team play a huge test match against the visiting team (the Lions) from the United Kingdom. It was the third test in a series of three matches and both teams clearly wanted the win. Sadly, for the All Blacks, they didn't get manage it and, instead, tied the game 15-15. It was such an exciting and tense game! Did you watch it and/or hear about it today? My whole family has been talking about it non-stop all morning!

    I hope that you and our family are having a really nice term break.

    Keep up the great blogging!


  2. Hello San Kyaw
    Great job on your first winter learning journey activity. I didn't know most New Zealanders lived in the North Island, I thought it was a even spread of people. Well done.

  3. Hi San Kyaw. I like the facts you have provided. I also like how you have put a link to the website and how you have added images to go with your blogpost. I think this is a great first Winter Learning Journey activity blogpost from you. Keep it up

  4. Hi San Kyaw
    Nice facts! I like how you said that most of the people in New Zealand live in the north island. Does that mean that compared to the amount of people in the north island the south island is abandoned?
    Great work