Tuesday, 31 October 2017

How Children Learn at School?

How Children Learn at School?

Have you ever wondered how your child progress's their learning at school? Children learn in many different ways. One way children learn is through communicating. Whether it is sign language or body language. Children learn by following by example.

Paragraph 1:
Most children have role models. They observer their role models that set by example. From observing other people they learn new things. This expands their knowledge.

Paragraph 2:
They ask questions to learn how or why something happens. When you were a child you were probably very curious. When asking questions most of the time you get their answer. When you research about things it helps you to learn more.

Paragraph 3:
On their learning journey they would come a cross things that they would disagree or agree with. children would take risks to open up multiple opportunity for them.

Children learn to do things in many different ways. Not all children are the same which make's them unique. Children learn to do better things for the future and to learn more about their community.

This week for writing we've been practising how to write an Explanation because the writing test is coming up. For the activity we had to get in groups of two, my partner was Tiava. We started off talking about how children learn. After that we had to plan our writing, we planned our writing on the back of our paper. Once we finished we had to include a Title, Introduction, Paragraph 1, 2 and 3 and a Conclusion. 

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