Thursday, 3 May 2018


This Term for inquiry we read a book called Hieahuone. Freeman and I created a storyboard that to show the story in our own words. we had to draw it on paper before we created a storyboard that. The thing Freeman and I did great was coming up with new Ideas.


  1. Hi San Kyaw,

    I think you and Freeman did a great job with this story board. Did you get the pictures from the internet or did you draw them?

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  2. Hi again San, this is such an awesome example of a storyboard! I hope you and Freeman are proud of your effort here. I was wondering as well about what digital tools you used to make this images?
    Thanks for your help!
    Miss J

  3. Hi Ms J

    Thank you for your comment. The image we used was on Storyboard That, but it took us awhile to chose which image best fit the charters.

  4. what the heck you can't get 150 blogs