Sunday, 27 May 2018

My first ever flight

My first ever flight

I lived at the end of the wood with my family. As the sun went down and the moon slowly watched over us my family woke up. One night I said to myself “Tonight's the night of my first flight!” I felt nervous and scared but suddenly I had the feeling that I could do it. The wind dashed behind me but luckily my talons kept me from flying away. I lifted one leg and was quivering, but I still focused on my meal, so I let my wings feel freedom. “I’m ready to fly,” I whispered to myself but my family heard me so they came to cheer me on. I was ready to launch, so I leap off the edge. I was scared because I thought I was going to fall, when I suddenly realized I was flying with the wind. I imagine all the time I’ve wanted to fly and this was the chance. I heard cheering around me and it motivated me to keep going. I saw my parents and sibling smiling. I felt proud of myself because it was my first ever flight. “Yes I’m flying.” I murmured to myself. I spread my wings like an airplane. I feel the strong gush of the night air pass my face and try to stay strong. I flapped my wings to gain speed and veered around in circles feeling happy of myself. What was supposed to be a boring flight had just gone a whole lot more better! Suddenly out of nowhere I hear my stomach crying for food. So I let out examining for my favorite snack. “Slimy, wet worms”. I whispered to myself.

This term my group were focusing on writing narratives. We wrote a narrative about our first ever flight. I started off with a struggle but then I had help from my teacher. I tried to use more advanced word for example instead of using look I wrote examine. I think next time I need to write more information in my narratives .I enjoyed writing this narrative and hope to write another narrative.

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