Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Election Challenges - Democracy

Since it's Election on Saturday we are learning about Elections. We had three different challenges to do and they are...
1. Political Party
2. Prime Minister
3. Democracy
This blog post is about Democracy. Did you know that Democracy is is originated from Greece and the word demo is the word demos in Greek and that Demos mean village. The word Cracy is the word Kratia in Greek and that means Rules, Power and Might,

Election Challenges - Prime Minister

Did you know that election is this Saturday? Well it is. So since it election LS2 ( Learning Space 2 ) were learning about Elections. We had 3 Election Challenges to do.
1. Political Party
2. Prime Minister
3. Democracy
This blog post is about the second challenge, Prime Minister.

What we had to do
Our task was to create a DLO on a particular person who was a Prime Minister in the past. 
Here is our DLO... 

Election Challenges - Political Party

Election is just this Saturday. This week LS2 were learning about Elections. There were three Election Challenges for us to do. The first Election Challenge was called Political Party. This blog post is about the first challenge. The second challenge is called Prime Minister and last but not least, the third challenge is called Democracy. Here is the task we've completed => Political Party

Sunday, 17 September 2017

Ebook Day

Today is the 18th of September and it's read a eBook day.I  chose a book on overdrive.The book I chose is A QUEST OF HERO'S. It is very interesting because this book it's  about a boy named Thor and he wants to be a silver knight.


Thursday, 7 September 2017

Tech: Art

This week for Tech we had Art it was fun because we had to search for patterns about our personal identity it was hard at first but I got the hang of it. I draw Thailand flag on the top left and a pattern on the bottom left and I draw Goku on the bottom right. When I draw Goku it was hard because the paper was small and I had to divide it into five pieces. It was fun drawing Goku because it was challenge.

Wednesday, 6 September 2017

The Orphan Queen

Today for SSR we went on Tamaki College overdrive. It is a very interesting website because it has lots of book we could read on our Chromebook. The website has books that range from kids to adults. The book I decided to read was The Orphan Queen, it was a very interesting book because there's a Kingdom called Indigo. It's very cool because it said if someone use's magic they'll be taken by the black knight and never been seen again. This is an exciting book and I recommend it for teenagers.

Kiwi Can: Taking Risks

This week Thursday we had Kiwi Can, Mrs Latoia and Mr Malu came to our class room and the first activity we stared off was beep bop bounce, bang we stared off with two circle a girl and a boy once we have play 2 games we make a 1 big circle and the game was really hard for me. If Mr Malu or Mrs Latoia point at you they'll say beep bop bounce and you have to say bang if you say it after bounce or  late your'll be out. After we finished we went out side and play Hand Soccer they were two teams, team A and team B. Hand Soccer was fun because it was challenge and we had fun playing and we sported each other. 

Monday, 4 September 2017

How to stand up to bully

Bullying is not okay. When you see someone getting bully stand up and speak out. Today my friends Tiava, Josh, Lyric, Mataio and I created a animation to send a message about bullying. When you see someone getting bully don't just stand there. If you're getting bullied stand up for yourself. Don't look down on someone useless your going to pick them up.

Learning to use Synonyms

This morning for writing we learnt about Synonyms, Synonyms is a word that means the same for example: funny and amusing. We had to search for the words in a dictionary. Te Wai and I had fun searching and trying new words. Next time I need to check the words so it makes sense.

Sunday, 3 September 2017


 This morning I've been practising Steps this helps me with my vocabulary and it also helps me improve my pronunciation. As you can see I have 7 gold and 2 silver. I have 7 left to finished and I'm onto the next stage.

Monday, 28 August 2017

Why it's great to be me

Screenshot 2017-08-29 at 2.25.32 PM.png
Today LS2 have been exploring DARE. We had to find out about ourselves and what some of our goals are. My goal is to travel the World. I could travel the World by making money and helping my family. After, we got into groups of 4 and made a word cloud about why it is great to be the age of (11 - 13). I learned much more about why it's cool to be my age.

Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Reading Comprehension - Explanation

This week for reading I read a book called Night Light. This book is really interesting because it tells you all about the moon, this chart shows information about Night Light and the moon. I also had fun doing this activity.  

Monday, 21 August 2017

Emergency Management Officer

This week we learnt about Careers and Jobs, Jobs are different to Careers because a job is what you do to earn money and not stay for ever, Careers is what you do for a living. This DLO shows what I would like to do when I grow up and this DLO shows you some information about this job. In the future I would like to become a Emergency Management Officer.

Monday, 14 August 2017

Flex Tangle A3

This week for maths we did Flex Tangle this is my A3 flex tangle, It was fun making it because it was challenge and the hard thing about it was folding it. It was hard at first but I got the hang of it. The thing I need to work on is my folding and colouring.  

Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Jim Hines - DLO

For inquiry we had to create a DLO about a famous quote and person who made history. I chose Jim Hines because I enjoy running I think running 100 meters under 10 seconds is incredible.

Tuesday, 8 August 2017

A Or An

Today we were learning when to use a and when to use an before a word. If a word begins with a vowel ( a e i o u) or a silent h (eg - hour), we use an. we use a for all other words this DLO shows the shows you when to use a or an, I added picture to show more about a or an.

Sunday, 6 August 2017

2 Words... 1 Minutes

happy is a word that I like to use when i'm better like when I went to rainbow end it was great and I had lots of fun that made me happy but when I go on the roller coaster it made me scar at first but I got the hang of it once I got the hang of it I went over and over but the one that make me happening the most is the bamping car it’s fun because it feel like i'm driving a car it also feels great when i'm crashing into people it like i'm the evil driver but it feels great that makes me happy the most.

Our challenge today was to write our idea so that they make sense. We had only 4 minutes to do this in and i minute to check our writing. Our task was called 2 words 1 minutes' We had to chose 1 of the words then power write for 1 minute, count our words, carry on for 2 more minutes, counts our words, then finished with I more minute. It was fun and I enjoyed it, but was was hard checking it.

Thursday, 3 August 2017

Winter Learning Journey

Today at assembly we had a special guest her name was Rachel, she came to congratulate us because we did the winter learning journey in the holidays. Their were lot's of students that did the winter leaning journey and there were 6 winners, The 6 winners are the people that came 1st 2nd and 3rd they did more comments and blog post than others. The first 2 students are Ohs Hen and Daniel, At second place we had Alex and AJ and third place Ofa and Eric and they also got prize's. I want to thank Rachel for coming to our school and congratulating us.   

Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Let me Tell you something about..."

Let me tell you something about lunchtime at PBS. When the bell rings everyone rushes like wild animals chasing its prey, When they get to their lunch they eat their sandwiches so fast, it’s like the speed of light. Once they finish they sprint down the stairs like baby gorillas, They all race to the four square grid just to play a game of handball, Once they get there, they wait for the person with the ball. If the person with the ball is not there yet they wait but same of the players play master. The people playing master shoot so fast you can hear “yay” every time. The younger students run around with lots of energy, they run like wild foxes. They’re like superheroes with lots of energy, because they don’t ever get tired of running. The person with the hand ball gets to the courts and every player runs to the line waiting to play, We can hear loud shouting and screaming, If the winner win’s they shout,  “Yahoo! I Win! I Win! I’m King!” The loser always replies by saying, “I’m going to get you out because you got me out!” or “I’m the real King, haha!”. But once the bell rings everyone still wanted to play so they keep playing for a few moments until the teacher tells them to go to class.

For today’s writing we had to partner up with the person were sitting next to, my partner was Joshua W. We did writing for 4 minutes, once the 4 minutes up we had to proofread it to each other, Joshua read my writing and his feedback was not to use got and get too much, He also told me to use more powerful words to make my describing clear. I tried to use language feature so we can hook in our reader.

Tuesday, 1 August 2017

10 Fraction Questions

      1. 85 people from PBS went to a Warriors game. ⅕ of them got to meet the players. How many people didn’t get to meet the warriors?  
      1. In Thailand there were 80  boats parked along the shores ¼ of them sailed away to find fish. How many of them stayed?
      1. 24 students went to the shop and ¼ came back to school. How many people stayed at the shop.

      1. 45 people went and played handball. ⅕ of them went to have something to eat. How many of them are left playing handball?

      1. 28 People from PBS were given a piece of pizza. 1/7 did not eat any. How many people did not eat any pizza?

      1. 36 people went to the NBA finals. ¼ did not get picked to play in the finals. How many people went to the NBA finals?

      1. Freeman had 300 pens he had to share ½. How many does he have know?

      1. Affonso had 18 pieces of pizza. He had to share with 7/9 of his pizza with others. How many pieces does he have left?

      1. They are 500 apples Josh had to pick 2/4 of the apples off the trees. How many are still on the trees?

      1. P.B.S got 1000 bananas they had to share 4/8 with other schools. How many do they have now?

    Today our group collaborated to create some fraction word problems for our friends to solve. It helped us think about the strategies we use for finding fractions of whole numbers, and it will help them practise their strategies when they find the answers.

Tuesday, 25 July 2017

25 Words Summary

Keeping Maori storytelling alive is important because it helps people remember their culture’s history and when the hear stories about it, it keeps them captivated.

Freeman, Sanujan and I created this 25 word summary using 6 words of our own choice. We listened to facts and reasons of why we should keep oral story telling alive and used the facts collaboratively to create this. We think story telling is important because it keeps children captivated when they hear about it. 

Monday, 24 July 2017

How Maui Slowed The Sun

This week for reading, writing and inquiry we were learning about Creation Myths and Legends. The photo above is a storyboard I created using "Storyboard that". I work collaborative with Sanuja and Affonso.
Our storyboard has three settings, the 1st one is daytime, the middle one is nighttime inside their house and the last one is when the sun dawns. I had lots of fun while making this storyboard.

Saturday, 8 July 2017

Winter Learning Journey

For this Winter Learning Journey I have to write 3 reasons why Possums are pests.

1. Possums carry diseases. 
2. Possums are eating eggs of a kokako.
3. They are damaging trees.

Winter Learning Journey

For this Winter Learning Journey I had to adopt a NZ bride they are 7 type of birds it is Great Spotted Kiwi, Brown Kiwi, Kea, Morepork, Red-Crowned Kakariki and Tuatara. I had to chose one of them once I chose I have to find facts about the bride I chose. I coshed Kea because it looks like a Eagles.

1. What kind of animals are they? The Kea are large species of parrot of the family of Stripteaser.
2. What do they eat? they eat carrion sometimes but they mainly eat roots, leaves, berries, nectar and insect.   
3. Where do they normally live? They live in south island of New Zealand and fined in forested and alpine regions.  

Winter Learning Journey Bonus Activity

For this Winter Learning activity I had to interviewer one of my family. I had to ask them 5 thing they like to do when their out-door I interviewer my oldest brother Pah Nwee because he's nice and quiet.

1. Playing Football.
2. He likes to jog around the block.
3. Playing Handball.
4. Raiding Bikes.
5. Going to the Beach.

Winter Learning Journey

For this Winter Learning Journey I had to watch a video about a girl named Laura Dekker (youngest person to sail around the whole world). Once I finished watching the video, I had to imagine if I could interview her. These are my questions.

1. Why do you sail?
2. Did you enjoy sailing?
3. What made you want to sail around the world?
4. What age did you start sailing?
5. What made you want to sail?

Winter Learning Joruney

For this Winter Learning Journey I had to vista three place the places are Karekare beach, Rangitoto  Island and Tane Mahuta. I chose Karekare beach because they are lots of big wave and it has such great view.

Winter Learning Journey

This is the first Winter Learning Journey bonus activity. I had to create a flag using a website. The yellow shape is meant to be a sun. I made a Kiwi because people call New Zealander Kiwi.

Friday, 7 July 2017

Winter Learning Journey

For this activity I had to watch a video about New Zealand. After I watched the video I had to choose which activities I would like do to. 

This is my list

1. Go Rainbows End.
2. Go to restaurants and eat. 
3. Go to Auckland War Memorial Museum
4. Go to Mission Bay
5. Go through a treetop walk
Image result for Rainbows END
Image result for restaurants

Image result for Auckland War Memorial MuseumImage result for Mission BayImage result for treetop walk