Sunday, 3 December 2017

PE at Tamaki College

Last week on Friday we went to Tamaki College because we had Tech. After tech we stayed at Tamaki College. We were put in 3 groups, Social Science, PE and Robotics. The group I was in was PE. The first activity we did was Infinity tag. The rules for Infinity tag are when you get tag you have to sit down and when the person that tag you gets tag you can start playing again. After we played a game or two we then played in teams team red and team blue. The team I was in was blue. The second activity we did was called Bench ball. The rules are that you have two catchers and the two catcher have to stand on the other side of the bench and we have to throw the ball to them if they catch it you go and catch with them, you also have two people defending, they block the ball when it's thrown to the other side of the bench. Our third game was Samoan softball, we did't have a bat so we used out legs and hands, we could kick it or throw it, we had to run to the other side of the court and keep our hand on the wall and if we let go we had to run back to the other side. I would like to think Mr Moyes.


  1. Kia Ora San, Thank you so much for participating in the lesson and writing such a detailed blog post about the games we played. It was so awesome to see you and your classmates giving your all in every activity! Feel free to come back anytime! Many Thanks, Mr Moyes

  2. So good to see you at Tamaki College and enjoying tech and PE. Well done.