Monday, 14 May 2018

Word Clines

Today we created a DLO about words clines. All the words had to mean the same thing and to relate to the same topic. I think that clines are words that we can use to make more powerful sentences.


  1. Hi San Kyaw,

    In my class we used to do something similar. You did a good job with this word cline. Check out my blog

    Keep up the good work,

  2. Hi San, I'm a teacher at Paparoa Range School. This is a cool example of a word cline you've got here. I'd forgotten that's what they're called, we do one each week and we call it a word staircase or ladder. We use words that are a bit basic and we're trying to use more sophisticated vocab. Some we've tried are: fun; lots; amazing; tall; big; said; run; shout; wet and take. We'd be interested to know what ideas your class might come up with for some of these.
    Hope you have a great week!
    Miss J

  3. Hi Ms J

    Thank you for your comment. We made a class cline DLO so that we could all see lots of different words to help us use more powerful words in our writing. I'll ask Mrs Anderson to share it with you.

    San Kyaw

  4. Hi San Kyaw

    Your doing great, keep going and try hard.

    From Dad