Tuesday, 25 July 2017

25 Words Summary

Keeping Maori storytelling alive is important because it helps people remember their culture’s history and when the hear stories about it, it keeps them captivated.

Freeman, Sanujan and I created this 25 word summary using 6 words of our own choice. We listened to facts and reasons of why we should keep oral story telling alive and used the facts collaboratively to create this. We think story telling is important because it keeps children captivated when they hear about it. 

Monday, 24 July 2017

How Maui Slowed The Sun

This week for reading, writing and inquiry we were learning about Creation Myths and Legends. The photo above is a storyboard I created using "Storyboard that". I work collaborative with Sanuja and Affonso.
Our storyboard has three settings, the 1st one is daytime, the middle one is nighttime inside their house and the last one is when the sun dawns. I had lots of fun while making this storyboard.

Saturday, 8 July 2017

Winter Learning Journey

For this Winter Learning Journey I have to write 3 reasons why Possums are pests.

1. Possums carry diseases. 
2. Possums are eating eggs of a kokako.
3. They are damaging trees.

Winter Learning Journey

For this Winter Learning Journey I had to adopt a NZ bride they are 7 type of birds it is Great Spotted Kiwi, Brown Kiwi, Kea, Morepork, Red-Crowned Kakariki and Tuatara. I had to chose one of them once I chose I have to find facts about the bride I chose. I coshed Kea because it looks like a Eagles.

1. What kind of animals are they? The Kea are large species of parrot of the family of Stripteaser.
2. What do they eat? they eat carrion sometimes but they mainly eat roots, leaves, berries, nectar and insect.   
3. Where do they normally live? They live in south island of New Zealand and fined in forested and alpine regions.  

Winter Learning Journey Bonus Activity

For this Winter Learning activity I had to interviewer one of my family. I had to ask them 5 thing they like to do when their out-door I interviewer my oldest brother Pah Nwee because he's nice and quiet.

1. Playing Football.
2. He likes to jog around the block.
3. Playing Handball.
4. Raiding Bikes.
5. Going to the Beach.

Winter Learning Journey

For this Winter Learning Journey I had to watch a video about a girl named Laura Dekker (youngest person to sail around the whole world). Once I finished watching the video, I had to imagine if I could interview her. These are my questions.

1. Why do you sail?
2. Did you enjoy sailing?
3. What made you want to sail around the world?
4. What age did you start sailing?
5. What made you want to sail?

Winter Learning Joruney

For this Winter Learning Journey I had to vista three place the places are Karekare beach, Rangitoto  Island and Tane Mahuta. I chose Karekare beach because they are lots of big wave and it has such great view.

Winter Learning Journey

This is the first Winter Learning Journey bonus activity. I had to create a flag using a website. The yellow shape is meant to be a sun. I made a Kiwi because people call New Zealander Kiwi.

Friday, 7 July 2017

Winter Learning Journey

For this activity I had to watch a video about New Zealand. After I watched the video I had to choose which activities I would like do to. 

This is my list

1. Go Rainbows End.
2. Go to restaurants and eat. 
3. Go to Auckland War Memorial Museum
4. Go to Mission Bay
5. Go through a treetop walk
Image result for Rainbows END
Image result for restaurants

Image result for Auckland War Memorial MuseumImage result for Mission BayImage result for treetop walk