Saturday, 8 July 2017

Winter Learning Journey

For this Winter Learning Journey I had to adopt a NZ bride they are 7 type of birds it is Great Spotted Kiwi, Brown Kiwi, Kea, Morepork, Red-Crowned Kakariki and Tuatara. I had to chose one of them once I chose I have to find facts about the bride I chose. I coshed Kea because it looks like a Eagles.

1. What kind of animals are they? The Kea are large species of parrot of the family of Stripteaser.
2. What do they eat? they eat carrion sometimes but they mainly eat roots, leaves, berries, nectar and insect.   
3. Where do they normally live? They live in south island of New Zealand and fined in forested and alpine regions.  


  1. Hi San Kyaw
    I had no idea that the Kea were part of the Stripteaser family (In fact, i've never heard of the Stripteaser before). Keep up the amazing work.

  2. Hi San Kyaw. The animal you have chose to adopt is very interesting. I was shocked to read hat Kea's eat nectar. Keep up the brilliant posting.

  3. Kia ora San Kyaw,

    I must admit that, like Daniel, I'm a bit confused about the name of the parrot family from which the kea comes. I have never heard of a 'Stripteaser' family of parrot. Can you please tell us where you found the information? That way we can read through it and learn more about the kea. At the same time, we can determine if there was, perhaps, a little mistake made in the spelling of the family name.

    Thanks San Kyaw! On a related note, I did really enjoy reading about what kea like to eat and about where they live. I actually had the chance to see a kea in the wild once. I was driving around the south island and I came back to my car one day to find a Kea sitting on the bonnet, pecking at the windscreen. I think that it was trying to peck through the glass so that it could get to the shiny bracelet that I had accidentally left on the dashboard of the car. Oops!

    Keep up the great work with your blogging, San Kyaw :)


  4. Hi San Kyaw
    I didn't know that Keas ate nectar, and did you know that they also like to try and eat the windshield wipers off of cars? Keep it up