Friday, 7 July 2017

Winter Learning Journey

For this activity I had to watch a video about New Zealand. After I watched the video I had to choose which activities I would like do to. 

This is my list

1. Go Rainbows End.
2. Go to restaurants and eat. 
3. Go to Auckland War Memorial Museum
4. Go to Mission Bay
5. Go through a treetop walk
Image result for Rainbows END
Image result for restaurants

Image result for Auckland War Memorial MuseumImage result for Mission BayImage result for treetop walk


  1. Kia Ora San!

    It's great to see you have joined us on the Winter Learning Journey these holidays! I have enjoyed reading your blog so far and am hoping you are learning some new things about New Zealand as you go.

    I love that you have provided images for each of your five favourite places you have chosen. I went to Rainbow's End when I was 12 and I absolutely loved it! It was scary but exciting all at the same time. Have you been to Rainbow's End?

    Going on a tree top walk would be so much fun, it would feel like you are a monkey in the trees!

    Well done San! Keep up the great blogging and I look forward to reading more of your work!

    Nicky :)

  2. Hello San Kyaw
    I like how you added 'go to restaurants and eat'. I would like to do that to :). Keep on working hard.

  3. Hi San Kyaw. I like how you have added images to go with your blogpost. I think nearly everything in the video looked like fun. Keep up the hard work.

  4. Hi San Kyaw
    Those seem like really cool places! I have been to Rainbow's end a few times but I've never been to the other places before. How many of those places have you been to?
    Great work