Sunday, 9 December 2018

VR Research

Today we worked with Yvonne and her research team from Augmented human lab at Auckland University. Their were two VR, one was VR cardboard and the other was Magic window. The VR I used was the Magic window, for the VR Magic window we also interactive. We used the VR to learn about the bridges and building. They were two activity's we played one was early mail service, and the other was Pakuraga and Panmure bridge. The thing that interested me the most was the VR because when I moved with it, the screen also moved. I would like to think Yvonne and her research team for coming today because I enjoyed learning about the VR.

Thursday, 29 November 2018

Albert Jack

This week for inquiry our task was to create a Medal for a Maori Battalion Soldier. This DLO I created shows a Medal for Albert Jack and also a picture of him, This DLO also tells you about Albert Jack. I really enjoyed making this DLO because I got to create the Medal my self using the google draw tools, and I also enjoyed learning about Albert Jack.

Thursday, 22 November 2018

Athletics Day

Today the whole school did Athletics. We were split up into four group colors. The colors were green, blue, red and yellow. I was in the red team.There were 9 stations (Activities) that groups were needed to go to. All of us took part in the activities. The 9 stations (Activities) were Frisbee, rob the nests, long jump, shot put, hurdle and sponge run, hula hoop throw, and egg run. Thanks you Tamaki college helped to demonstrate the games and collaborated us.

Tuesday, 20 November 2018

Hua Rakau Poster

For Maori, today I created a poster that shows a Fruits name in Maori. While doing this activity I learnt some of the fruit names in Maori. Some of them sounds the same in Maori. The task was to just use the Maori name so we can understand by looking at the photos.

Progress in Readtheory

Today for Reading we looked back at our results on read theory. We looked at our past results and compared it to other results month by month. We all created a bar graph to show and tell other people our results and the difference there is from when we started and now. Last year February I started on Grade 2 which was really easy. Now on November 2018 I am on grade 5 which means that I have expanded my knowledge by 3 grades.

Thursday, 15 November 2018

Wolves be Emily Gravett

The week for reading week Miss Anderson readied us a book about called Wolves this book was by Emily Gravett. Our task for this book was to create a DLO about Mythes and Facts. This DLO tells you Facts Mythes about Wolves and also Facts. The Mythes is what we think about Wolves, and the Facts is the truth about the Wolves. I really enjoyed creating this DLO because the book was interesting and I got to learn more about Wolves.

Meerkat by Emily Gravett

The week for reading week Miss Anderson readied us a book about Meerkat this book was by Emily Gravett. Our task for this book was to create a DLO telling us about Meerkat. This DLO tells you Facts about Meerkat, Appearance, Diet and the Habitat. I enjoyed making this DLO because the book was interesting and I also wanted to learn more about Meerkats.

Book Week - Why is the Cover Important?

This week is book week. Today we were put into groups and rotated to the different stations. We would answer questions or give our opinion. Once we finished going to all of the stations I chose a question to do a statistical analysis on. The question was: Why is the cover important?. I used a pie graph to show reasons why a cover is important. I also used a bar graph to show how much people in our class voted for how important the cover is. 

Tuesday, 13 November 2018

WW1 Question?

Today Josh S and I created a DLO showing the Chemicals used in WWI. We have released two chemicals that has been used in WWI, and they are Mustard Gas and Tear Gas. While doing this research San Kyaw and I learnt interesting facts about chemicals used in WWI. We have enjoyed doing this activity.

Thursday, 8 November 2018

Armistice Day Commemoration

Today we had our own Armistice Day Commemoration where we came together to remember the soldiers that fought for our country. On the Commemoration they talked about poppies, and also read a poem called Flanders field. They were also people that went up and representing their class room by putting the signed poppy on the wall. We also had a representative from the New Zealand defense force who came and talked about the War. They also put the flag up while they played a song called Reveille.

Wednesday, 7 November 2018

Armistice Collage

For reading we were learning about the Battle of the Somme that occurred on July 1st 1916. We first read a text explaining what happened during the war and a few facts about it. We read the text and answered the questions. We answered the questions about the war and got to write our own opinion about what we thought about the war. We have learnt that war shrines were like memorials made to remember the fallen soldiers.

Monday, 5 November 2018

What we remembered about WW1

Today for inquiry Miss Anderson talked about WW1 after she finished telling use about WW1, our task was to create a DLO showing what we remembered. On the left side is the facts, and the right side is where we check if the facts are correct. We also add more details about the facts on the check list. 

Monday, 29 October 2018

Waiouru Museum Robbery

Today for reading we were researching about a story. My partner Tiava and I worked together to find the different perspectives of the story. We choose to read about the Waiouru Museum robbery. This event happened in 2007. A man named James Joseph Kapa was caught stealing 96 military medals. These medals were gifted to the museum by the families who have lost loved ones in the war. We also wrote our opinion on the situation.

Thursday, 25 October 2018

Tech Reflection - Art

Today for tech, I was working on transferring my designed onto a piece of paper. Today I just finished coloring my designed on a piece of paper, now i'm transferring it onto a piece of wood. After I finish my transferring my next step is to color the piece of wood. I enjoyed transferring my art onto the piece of wood because it challenged me.

Wednesday, 24 October 2018

The Highwayman Summary

This week for reading we, read a poem called the Highwayman. The Highwayman was a narrative poem that tells a story. This poem was about a women sacrificing herself to worn the Highwayman that their was danger. We read each paragraph and talked about what had happened so far to our group. After we finished reading the poem, we created a DLO telling a short summary about the poem. I think this poem was interesting because it tells a story.

Thursday, 18 October 2018

Kiwi Can

This Week for Kiwi Can our theme is Respect. We talked about what value we had at school, our school value is CARE, C is Confidence, A is Attitude, R is Respect and E is Excellent and Inactivation. We also talked bot rules, why we need it and how it helps. We also played a game were theirs two teams, and they had to convince the person that's listening to decide if we should, or shouldn't have that rule. I really enjoyed Kiwi Can This week, and on the Weekend I'm going to show respect to the people around me.

Wednesday, 17 October 2018

New Zealand Shake Out

Recently we have been learning about the National Shakeout Day. This event is held to remind people of what to do when there is a earthquake. My partners Mataio, San Kyaw and I worked together to create a DLO about earthquakes. We answered questions about what you should do when there is a earthquake and why it is important to be prepared for an earthquake. We also talked about how a earthquake can stat and the affects of one.


"This week for inquiry Joshua W and I have been collaborating be finish this DLO off. This DLO tell us about the man Mahatma Gandhi who promoted peace and made it become a thing, there is also a collage about the different peace symbols and a explanation about one of the peace signs. Did you know the peace sign symbol was mostly used in the United States in 1958 during the nuclear test."

How have Camels adapted to their environment?

How have camels adapted to their environment?

Have you ever wondered how camels survive in the desert? Camels survives in the
desert because it has special features that protect them from the 42 degrees sand.

Have you ever wondered how camels survive in the desert? Camels survives in the
desert because it has special features that protect them from the 42 degrees sand.

Desert is a dried place but the camels can walk on because they have pads on they feet
and also on their chest, so they can lay down on the hot sand. Camels have fat in their
humps because it stores food.

Camels doesn’t get sand in their eyes because they have double layer eyelash. They
don’t get sand in their ears because they have hair in it that protect it from the sand.
They also don’t get hair in they nose because they can close their nose. Camels have
thick lips so they can eat cactus.

Camels can survive in the 42 degree dessert because it is used to it own environment.
They can also drink up to 46 liters of water in one go which is 42 of 1 liter coke
bottle. Have you ever wondered why camels lives in the desert.

This Week for writing we write an explanation about Camels and how they adapt to
their environment. Before we started our writing we watch 3 video clips, we also got
our books because we needed it for our planning. I enjoyed writing this week because
I learnt about Camels and how they adapt to their environment.

Wednesday, 26 September 2018

Netball Inter School

Today the year 5, 6, 7, and 8 netball teams went down to the Auckland Netball center for the Netball Inter schools. We were hoping for a good day today with the weather but unfortunately the weather changed from sunny to rainy. There were to year 7 & 8 teams and I was in the year 7 & 8 purple teams. We had 6 games and unfortunately we lost 4 games and tied 1 and win 1 game with panmure green. I think next time for netball we need to communicated to teacher and share the ball as well. I would like to thank Mr Ogilvie for organizing this event for us, Shawn for supervising us and Ms McClain.

Monday, 17 September 2018

Duffy Assembly - Michel Mulipola

Today, it was a Duffy assembly. Our class went to the hall to listen to Michel Mulipola. He explains a lot of things like, his job, and what he does at his spare time. He is a really talented comic illustrator. He showed us some of his drawings and the drawings the he drew for wrestlers, school journals and different types of super hero's. Michel Mulipola is not just a comic illustrator. He is a wrestler and a semi - gamer. He also told us a tip. Using your face as a guide to draw a proper face and easy. We have enjoyed listening to him. 

Book Review

Today for reading we needed to get in to our groups and present our slideshows on the books that we'd read. We needed to explain the theme, the setting, our overall review and other parts related to the book. After we'd explained the work that we'd done our next task was to explain why we did/didn't like the book and who the main characters are as well as where the story is set.

Thursday, 13 September 2018

How to make a Hangi?

How to make a Hangi? 

Hangi is a Traditional food that is made in a pit, and Men prepares the Hangi and women prepares the food. It is important to know this because it is a special earth oven to the Maori culture. 

First dig a pit that the food will cook in. Then heat up the iron to warm the earth, and do a karakia for the food, environment and also for them self to keep them safe. After the iron is heat they stop the fire and make another hole to put the iron in. 

Once they finish making another pit they started to move the iron and put wet cabbage leaves on top of the iron to make the steam. After they finish covering it with cabbage leaves they put the meat on before they put the vegetable because the meat needed more heat to cook properly. 

After they placed the meat and vegetable they cover it with wet sacks to keep the steam inside and also to protect it from the dirt. It took about 3 to 4 hours for the food to be cooked. After 3 to 4 hours they unearth the dirt and remove the food from the pit. 

Once they take the foods back the women prepare it for dinner. Hangi is a traditional oven that is prepared by men, but the food is prepared by the women. It is important to know about this because it means that you are showing respect to the Maori people, and it may come in handy 

This week for writing we did explanation. For explanation we write about Hangi, and how to make a Hangi. Before we started our explanation we watched a video and then did our planning. What I enjoyed about this activity was how to make the Hangi, it was really interesting because I never knew that Maori's had an earth oven.

HIIT - Training

Today is the last week for the HITT (High Intense Interval Training) program. We have been doing HIIT for 15 weeks. We have also have been doing HIIT twice week, we have had lots of different exercise changes and we are apart of the AUT research. This training program is based on increasing our heart rate by Pau te hau which means getting puffed. The 4 rotations we did are tap steps, push ups, star jumps and sit ups. For these rotations we did the 4 sets of each. We also had 10 - 20 seconds to do them. We got an extra 10 seconds for a little brake to regain our energy. 

Tuesday, 11 September 2018


Today for maths we were learning about exponents. Exponents stand for how many times the value is being multiplied. I found this activity quite difficult because I didn't understand the little number in the corner. I also completed a question sheet that had exponent problems. After I made a DLO using three questions from the work sheet.

Thursday, 6 September 2018

Bridge Building

Today for Inquiry we have continued to make a bridge stronger and gluing each part together. Our group has finished creating our bridge. We manege to glue the trusses on the side of the deck. We collaborated and worked out how to make our bridge stronger. We have placed more sticks under the bridge and we have used 196 toothpicks and each toothpicks are worth 25 Cents. All together it was $54.45c. We had a few problems with our bridge the problem was some of the tooh picks were not touching. Me and Joshua W worked collaboratively to finish this off

Wednesday, 5 September 2018

Auckland Philharmonic Orehestra

Today LS2 went on a fantastic trip to see the Orchestra perform all sorts of dances. There are different sections to do with the instruments there was brass which was trumpet, trombone, tube and the french horn. The others were woodwind, percussion and the strings. After they played a song using the instruments and talked about what they do and how they worked, after that the St Kent's performed a very great dance that involved fog and lots of different lights.

Sunday, 2 September 2018

The Skeleton Creek: The Crossbones

This term for Reading we had to decide on a book to work on. I chose this book because they were another book like this so I could work with a partner, the partner I'm working with for reading is Joshua W. The story of the book I've read has been interesting. The part I've been reading on is about them solving the mysteries of an haunted hotel. I think what would happened next is that, they fined the mysteries of the haunted hotel.

Thursday, 30 August 2018

Auckland Harbour Bridge

This term for inquiry our topic was about Structures and Bridges. The DLO I crated was about the Auckland Harbour Bridge. I would like to think Mr Johnston for coming in our class and explaining to us about the Auckland Harbour Bridge.

Tuesday, 28 August 2018

Panmure Bridge

This term for inquiry our topic was about Structures and Bridges. The DLO my partner Joshua and I created was about Panmure Bridge, and the calendars shows the year of the bridge. Did you know that the Panmure Bridge was built between 1864 and 1865. Are you aware that in 1959 11,205 cars drove across daily.

Math problem solving

This week for maths we have been learning how to tell 24 hour time. Once we answered some questions we parented up to solve the rich task problems. My partner was Tiava. There were three questions, once we finished finding the answer we choose one of the questions to do a DLO on. This question was a cupcake problem.

Thursday, 23 August 2018

Tech - Pewter Casting

Today for Pewter casting most of us finished our sanding and on to polishing it. Before we start working on our design Mr Grundy told us to make sure we fill our work sheet out, because most of us haven't filed our work sheet out. The thing I enjoyed about Tech today, was seeing everyone focus. 

Wednesday, 22 August 2018

HIIT - Week 5

Today we did HITT (High Intense Interval Training) this training program is based on increasing our heart rate by Pau te hau which means getting puffed. The 4 rotations we did were Push ups, Squats, Tap Steps and Star Jumps. We did 20 second of the rotations, and also had 20 second brake. The things I like about HIIT today was getting puffed, and also the warm up we did. The warm ups we did were (Living large, Take the L, Hype, Ride the pony and Fresh) from Fortnite.

Monday, 20 August 2018

Sleep Presentation

Why is sleep important? Well, Group A have the answer to that. Together our group created a presentation that gives a clear explanation on why sleep is so important. The questions inside include: How long do humans need to sleep, why sleeping is healthy and how technology or devices could affect our sleeping patterns. 

Sunday, 19 August 2018

Scale Drawing

Last Week LS2 had a Maths Week. For Maths Week we did scale drawing, this was my second time doing scale drawing. Last year I drew Goku, the Super Saiyan God from Dragon Ball Z. The first thing I needed to do was find an image that I wanted to draw, I found choosing the images hard because there were a lot of images that I wanted to draw. Finally, I decided to draw a Rose with Wings. I chose this image because I like being creative, and this image hooked me in. After my image was printed I needed to use a ruler to measure the border of the image and draw a grid. Each of the squares were 1 cm, then for the enlargement we needed to multiply them by 2 so they would then be 2cm squares. I drew my scale drawing by copying a square at a time, and I started from the top to bottom. Once I'd finished I coloured it in, after that I glued my name tag onto my drawing, and the coloured paper I'd chosen to put behind my drawing. 

Wednesday, 15 August 2018

Kiwi Can

Today at Kiwican we changed our topic from Goal Setting to Problem solving. In our Kiwican lesson we learning how to solve problems. First we talk what problems we have in class and in our community and then we did a exercise where we have to untangle ourselves. I found it difficult because not all people could jump over each other. After the activity we then got in a circle and talked some more about how we could solve more problems. Then we did another activity where we had to split up in 2 teams then everyone had to get over the electric fence which was a rope. I found this kiwican lesson very helpful because now I know how to solve some problems out of school and in school.

HIIT Training

Today we did HITT (High Intense Interval Training) this training program is based on increasing our heart rate by Pau te hau which means getting puffed. The 4 rotations we did are high knee sprints, tap steps, mountain climbers, fast star jumps. For these rotations we did the 4 sets. Then we had 20 seconds for each rotation which gave us an extra 20 seconds for a little brake to regain our energy.

HIIT Training

Today we did HITT (High Intense Interval Training) this training program is based on increasing our heart rate by Pau te hau which means getting puffed. The 4 rotations we did was Push up and Squats. The hardest rotation was the push ups. For these rotations we did the 4 sets of each. We also had 20 seconds to do them .We got us an extra 20 seconds for a little brake to regain our energy.

Monday, 13 August 2018


This week for writing we learnt about Pechaflickr. My partner Kanye and I created a google slide to put our images, and a google drawing for our planing. For our planing we needed to link our ideas to each other so they made sense. We also needed to describe what was happening in the pictures. I enjoyed creating a Pechaflickr because it was really challenging. The thing that challenged me the most was finding the image that matched the correct sentence.

Wednesday, 8 August 2018

HIIT Training

Today we did HITT (High Intense Interval Training) this training program is based on increasing our heart rate by Pau te hau which means getting puffed. The 4 rotations we did are squats, tap steps, Push ups and fast star jumps. The hardest rotation was the push ups. For these rotations we did the 4 sets of each. We also had 20 seconds to do them .We got us an extra 20 seconds for a little brake to regain our energy.

Thursday, 2 August 2018

Cook Island Language

Today our group chose to move our information slides on to a google drawing. We chose to move it because it would be faster to finish. I enjoyed learning about Cook Island language because we did fun activity and also learnt how to greet each other in Cook Island. 

Wednesday, 1 August 2018

HIIT Training

Today was our second section of HIIT. The workouts we chose for this session was Mountain Climbers, Split squat karate kick, High knee sprint and star jump. We did these workouts 4 times for 20 second. I really enjoyed HIIT today because we all pushed our selves and as you can see in the image all our heart rates were on red. I would like to thank Mataio, Tiava and Zane for leading the group. A special thank you to Mrs Anderson for cheering us on.

Monday, 30 July 2018

HIIT Training

For HIIT our activity was squats, pull up and push up. Before we started our activity we warm up stretching our arm, chest and legs. My partner and I first did squats, then we moved onto pull ups and finally pull ups. 

Thursday, 26 July 2018

Animator / Kaihoroi

Today I created a DLO about Animator/Digital Artist. I chose to create an DLO Animator/Digital Artist because when I grow up I wanted to be an Artist. This DLO tells you why I'm interested in Animator/Digital Artist.


Today for inquiry our focus is careers. We used a website called careers quest to find what kind of job we would like to do when where older. We had to answer some questions to find what kind of job is fit for us. After we finish filling in the questions we had to fined a partner who had the same job us ours then research about it. We also had a challenge to see who would make the most money, with their job. The job I was interested in was Animator/Digital Artist.

Wednesday, 25 July 2018

HIIT - Term 3 Week 1

This week Thursday was our second session of HIIT for the new term. The activity's we did was star jumps, tap steps and high knee sprints. We succeeded today because we got puffed and all of us participated, and we all got our heart rates in the red. I would like to thank Tiava and Mataio, for leading this session and keeping everyone motivated.

Wednesday, 4 July 2018


ASB Getwise


Plan trip to Fiji $1800
Objective to earn entertainment points by thinking carefully about how you spend your available budget.
Groups negotiate how their $ is spent

Credit card
Passport $100 (0)

Flights $300 economy (3)
$500 business (10)

Accommodation budget $200 (2)
$600 beachside view (8)

Insurance  $0 (0)
no insurance $200 (0)

Food $100 (1)
$200 (4)
$400 (10)

Shopping $100 (2)
$200 (5)
$300 (9)

Activities $100 (3)
$300 (7)
$500 (16)

Money left:

Team 1 $100 - $500
Team 2 $100        31
Team 3 $300        31 (used and paid for credit card)
Team 4 $0            35 = winners who stayed most under budget
Team 5 $100       24

Dice roll to determine hospital fees

Team 1 $600 - no insurance in debt $500 out of game
Team 5 $600 - insurance

Save some, spend some, share some

Today our class had a gust from get Wise his name was Jay den. We learnt about saving our money and why it's
important, It's important to save our money because we should think of the future, and how it can be useful.
I enjoyed learning about saving your money because It taught me, why money is useful and how I can spend it.

Tuesday, 3 July 2018

Matariki Information poster

Today we work collaborate with LS1 to create a information poster about Matariki.  We had to  video and one person from our group had three minutes to write down information on a peace of paper. I enjoyed today because I enjoyed working with Lorenzo and Alisha from LS1.

Monday, 2 July 2018

M&M Presentation

Last week Mrs Anderson and Ms Kirkpatrick left to America for work. We learnt about the history of M&M's and found out many there are in a packet. We made Pie Graphs to see the percentages of the colours in our M&M packet and Bar Graph to see which colour had the most. Orange was the most and Green was the rarest colour. We all enjoyed learning about M&M's and eating them. My group especially liked watching funny advertisements.

Thursday, 14 June 2018

Tech - Reflection

This week for Tech I finished filling out my sheet. The designed I chose was a king chess piece. I chose this design because I enjoy playing strategy games. I enjoyed today because I got to use a scroll saw. We used a scroll saw because we had to cut our design. I would like to thank Mr Grundy for helping me cut out my design. Today I learnt that good things take time.

Wednesday, 13 June 2018

Kiwi Can - Reflection

This term our topic for Kiwi Can was Integrity and our theme was accountability. Integrity is doing the right thing when no one's looking. Accountability is being responsible for your own actions, and owning up to your own mistakes and managing yourself. You could be Accountability by showing up on time for Teach, or showing up to practice with the gear you need. We did a activity called 2 truth 1 lie, We had to tell 1 lie and 2 truth, your class mats had to figure which one was a lie. (eg I have never broken a charger before, although I have crack my Chromebook screen just once, and I take my Chromebook home, so which one is a lie?

Tuesday, 12 June 2018

Number Knowledge

Today for math John and I worked on a number knowledge. It was complected because they where a lot of questions. I enjoyed working on the because it challenged me and my partner.

Thursday, 7 June 2018

Tech - Pewter Casting

This week for tech our group had to fill in a form before we started our designs. We had to chose four people, then put a image of their favorite things using silhouette. For four people we had to chose 4 things so all together is was 16. I felt it challenge because it got me thinking of what their favorite things were. I would like to thank Mr Grundy because I had a great day.   

Monday, 4 June 2018

Respiratory System

Today a played a game called Respiratory System Labeling. It is great game because it makes you challenge your self and it also helps you learn the parts of the Respiratory system. I enjoyed this game because it challenged me.