Thursday, 22 September 2016

All 3 Methods

LI: To Investigate the 3 Multiplication Methods
This Week my group has been learning about all 3 methods. The Methods are called Japanese Method, Korean Method and Algorithm Method. The Hardest method for me was the Japanese method because we had to draw lines and use our scribble tool to put the lines in circles. 

Thursday, 8 September 2016

Education poetry

Today Me and Affonso did a Education poem.

LI: To use a range of vocabulary to create a picture in the reader's head. 

Basic Addition.

Today I finnish my Basic Addition Level 3 I was a bit challenging for me  so I tryed my best and then when I click

San Kyaw And Zane :Shopping With Maths.

You have been working hard and have all been paid $5000.

Using Local brochures, you need to choose a range of 10 items to spend. You need to show how you subtract each item from your $5000, and also Add each item to keep track of how much you have spent.