Thursday, 13 September 2018

How to make a Hangi?

How to make a Hangi? 

Hangi is a Traditional food that is made in a pit, and Men prepares the Hangi and women prepares the food. It is important to know this because it is a special earth oven to the Maori culture. 

First dig a pit that the food will cook in. Then heat up the iron to warm the earth, and do a karakia for the food, environment and also for them self to keep them safe. After the iron is heat they stop the fire and make another hole to put the iron in. 

Once they finish making another pit they started to move the iron and put wet cabbage leaves on top of the iron to make the steam. After they finish covering it with cabbage leaves they put the meat on before they put the vegetable because the meat needed more heat to cook properly. 

After they placed the meat and vegetable they cover it with wet sacks to keep the steam inside and also to protect it from the dirt. It took about 3 to 4 hours for the food to be cooked. After 3 to 4 hours they unearth the dirt and remove the food from the pit. 

Once they take the foods back the women prepare it for dinner. Hangi is a traditional oven that is prepared by men, but the food is prepared by the women. It is important to know about this because it means that you are showing respect to the Maori people, and it may come in handy 

This week for writing we did explanation. For explanation we write about Hangi, and how to make a Hangi. Before we started our explanation we watched a video and then did our planning. What I enjoyed about this activity was how to make the Hangi, it was really interesting because I never knew that Maori's had an earth oven.

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