Sunday, 6 August 2017

2 Words... 1 Minutes

happy is a word that I like to use when i'm better like when I went to rainbow end it was great and I had lots of fun that made me happy but when I go on the roller coaster it made me scar at first but I got the hang of it once I got the hang of it I went over and over but the one that make me happening the most is the bamping car it’s fun because it feel like i'm driving a car it also feels great when i'm crashing into people it like i'm the evil driver but it feels great that makes me happy the most.

Our challenge today was to write our idea so that they make sense. We had only 4 minutes to do this in and i minute to check our writing. Our task was called 2 words 1 minutes' We had to chose 1 of the words then power write for 1 minute, count our words, carry on for 2 more minutes, counts our words, then finished with I more minute. It was fun and I enjoyed it, but was was hard checking it.

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